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Mead Johnson Pregestimil LIPIL

Mead Johnson Pregestimil LIPIL

Mead Johnson Pregestimil LIPIL
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Mead Johnson Pregestimil LIPIL

Product Indication

For Fat Malabsorption Problems

  • Pregestimil is designed for infants who experience fat malabsorption and who may also be sensitive to intact proteins. Fat malabsorption or steatorrhea may be associated with cystic fibrosis, short bowel syndrome, intractable diarrhea,and severe protein calorie malnutrition. Pregestimil is also appropriate forinfants with galactosemia.

Long-Term Usage

  • Pregestimil is designed to provide a sole source of nutrition for infants up to age 6 months, and to provide a major source of nutrition through 12 months of age. Normally, in feeding infants, gradual introduction of solid foods after 4–6 months of age is an important developmental as well as nutritional step.
  • In cases of chronic malabsorption disorders, Pregestimil is sometimes continued as a milk substitute in the diet of children. This and similar supplemental use of Pregestimil in the diet beyond 12 months of age may make a significant contribution to the maintenance of good nutrition in such patients, and is not known to be harmful in any way. When Pregestimil is used as a milk substitute, the total calcium content of the diet should be assessed.
  • Although detrimental effects of prolonged use of Pregestimil as the sole source of diet beyond 6 months of age have not been reported, there is no basis on which to recommend such a practice. Extended use of Pregestimil (or other infant formulas) as a sole source of diet is most appropriately monitored by physicians and nutritionists on a case-by-case basis, with attention to developmental as well as nutritional implications of such a dietary regimen.

Product Features
  • Hypoallergenic, lactose-free, and sucrose-free
  • 55% of the fat from MCT oil
  • Designed for infants with fat malabsorption problems
  • Ready to use is virtually isotonic
  • Includes our blend of DHA and ARA, nutrients also found in breast milk, that promotes brain and eye development1-8
  • Available in both powder and Nursette® bottles

Nutrients Density (20 Calories/ fl oz)
Protein Equivalent (% calories)†11
Fat (% calories)48
Carbohydrate (% calories)41
Potential Renal Solute Load (mOsm⁄100 Calories)925
Potential Renal Solute Load (mOsm⁄100 mL)916.8
Osmolality (mOsm⁄kg water)290 (Liq)
320 (Pwd)
Osmolarity (mOsm⁄L)260 (Liq)
280 (Pwd)

Product Details
Item #DescriptionUnit SizeCalories⁄
Product Yield⁄
Unit (fl oz)
036721Powder1 lb can 22401126 cans per case
143301RTU, 20 Cal2 fl oz bottle40248 bottles per case
143401RTU, 24 Cal2 fl oz bottle48248 bottles per case