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As we receive feedback about our service and site, we will update this page with your questions and or responses to those questions.

What time and days are your stores open?

Our store on Orange Ave. is open Monday-Friday 9:00 A.M- 5:30 P.M and Saturday from 9:00 A.M-2:00 P.M. Our store in Kissimmee is open Monday- Friday 9:00 A.M- 5:00 P.M. And our store in Altamonte Springs is open Monday- Friday from 9:00 A.M- 5:30 P.M and Saturday from 9:00 A.M- 2:00 P.M.

General Question

Will my insurance cover the compression stockings?

With a prescription stating compression stockings and the compression strength, we can verify your health care insurance and will know whether or not they will be a covered item.

Compression Stockings

How will I know what size will be right for me?

Here at Colonial Medical Supplies all of are sales staff are trained to be able to take measurements and fit you to the best appropriate size.

Compression Garmets

How long should I wear them each day?

Generally the stockings should be put on when you wake up in the morning and be taken off before going to bed. Unless told other wise by your physician this a  good rule of thumb for the stockings.

Compression Garmets

What are the benefits of wearing the stockings?

The compression stockings are benificial in many different ways. The stockings will give a gradient compression allowing for better blood flow and better circulation making your legs feel great and giving them the energy you need to keep going throughout the day.Also, depending on the compression they will help to reduce swelling and apperance of varicose or spider veins.

Compression Garmets

Can I wash them with regular clothes?

No, with the stockings being mostly elastic and nylon you will want to hand wash them in a mild temperature water with NO bleach. Allow the stocking to air dry, because of the material any significant heat with deteriorate these materials and significantly reduce the longevity of the stockings.

Compression Garmets

Can I wear other socks over top of the stockings?

Yes you can wear a regular sock over the compression stockings, however it is not recommended to wear one compression stocking over another.

Compression Garmets

What is the difference between TED stockings and Compression stockings?

TED stockings are a post-surgery stocking and are intended for use only while non-ambulatory or when you are not up and walking around. They are generally put on you in the hospital while you are bed bound to keep a regular circulation. They are not a gradient compression so they do not help to improve circulation like regular compression stockings while you are doing everyday activities. Compression stockings are what you need if you are active and ambulatory. With gradient compression, meaning the stockings are tightest at the ankle and slowly decrease compression upwards towards the calf, the stocking with be able to keep a strong circulation at the ankles and moving that blood flow up the leg and back to the heart through the rest of the body.

Compression Garmets

Does your company accept Medicare?

We are a Medicare provider for most DME, Durable Medical Equipment, however Medicare has recently changed many of its rules. Medicare went under a competitive bide program which strictly narrows customer choices of where they can go for different types of equipment.


Can I re-use my indwelling catheters?

No, manufacturers state right on packaging sterile single use items only and should not be re-used as urinary tract infections will most likely occur.


How often does Medicare replace my power wheelchair?

Every 5 years you are eligible to be considered for a new wheelchair. This does not mean you qualify, it just means you are again eligible. The chair must need replacement due to change of condition or repairs exceed cost of a new chair.


Does my insurance cover bathroom equipment?

Most, insurances do not unfortunetly cover these types of items. If you have 100% Medicaid they can cover the most basic shower chair with no back. With other insurances the 3-in-1 Bedside Commode may be a covered item and used in  the bathroom.

Bath Safety

Do you need a doctor's prescription for oxygen?

Yes you must have a doctors prescription for the oxygen it is considered a drug.


Will Medicare pay for my travel oxygen, if I have it from another company?

No, Medicare will not pay two providers for the same equipment that is being billed at your home.


Can you just leave the oxygen tanks on my front porch?

No, oxygen is considered a drug and must be signed for at the time of the delivery.


Can I just come in and buy a oxygen mask?

A oxygen mask does require a doctors prescription, and the liter flow must be 4 or higher in order to use the mask.


Will my insurance cover incontinence supplies?

Most insurances will cover intermittent catheters up to 200 per month and
external or 'texas' catheters up to 35 per month, including the accesories.  Diapers and disposable underpads may also be covered depending on the insurance and condition of the patient.


How can I get a lift chair through Medicare?

Most patients that have arthritis of the hip or knee, or a neuromuscular disease could qualify for a lift chair with the proper documentation from their doctor.  A patient would have to purchase their chair first, and then could be reimbursed if they qualify. Reimbursement would be for the lift mechanism portion of the chair only, the chair itself will not be covered by insurance.

Lift Chairs

How often can I get my CPAP supplies through insurance?

Most insurances will cover replacement CPAP supplies, including mask, tubing and filters every 3 months. As part of our service plus program you can be on a reoccurring list and have them automaticallyshipped right to your home.


What is the Service Plus Program at Colonial Medical Supplies?

With a prescription from your doctor we can ship your supplies directly to you and bill your health insurance.  This may include catheters, tens electrodes, diabetic supplies, CPAP supplies, enteral formula, and much more.  You can be put on a reorder list and have them sent to you as often as you like or your health insurance allows.

General Question

Do you supply patients with CPM machines?

Yes! We have them for rental and some insurances may even cover the cost.

General Question

Can I return a bath chair if I don't like it or it doesn't fit?

Bath equipment is non-returnable due to infection control issues.  This is government standard.

General Question

If I buy an item from your online site can I come into the store to pick it out?

You may if you have selected the In-Store pick up option during the checkout process.  It is recommended that you call for stock status on the item before doing so.  Not all of the items listed on the website are carried in store and are only dropshipped from the manufacturer or a distributor.

Online Ordering

Will my insurance cover items that may be included in a hip/knee kit after my surgery?

No, unfortunately insurances do not cover items considered to be "aids to daily living".

Aids to Daily Living

Do you rent lift chairs?

The lift chairs are a final purchase item only, so they are not rented out.

Lift Chairs

Do you have a decent selection of the lift chairs in your store?

Currently we have one of the largest showrooms in central Florida, and we are making the most of that. We carry anywhere between 30-40 lifts chairs in stock and are ready for you to try out.

Lift Chairs

How do I go about getting my Diabetic Shoes?

Anything that will go through insurance we will need a prescription from your doctor stating what item you need, so this will start the process. Then we will schedule an appointment for you to be fitted. Once the shoes and inserts are ordered another appointment will be set to be sure the correct size was sent and fits properly.

Diabetic Shoes

Can I return an item if I do not have my receipt?

Without a receipt we are not able to verify the price you had paid or the date of purchase so items cannot be returned, exchanged, store credits may be given by a manager.

General Question

What is a detailed prescription?

A detailed prescription is the document that is provided by your physician to support the need of the item/service ordered. This document must include the name of the patient, date of birth, a description of the item that is to be provided, the length of need, physician signature and date.

General Question